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more zzz's for you and your little ones

did you know? decking out your kids or babies in merino wool sleepwear could earn you a full night's sleep, or even two, over the course of a year. dreamy, right?
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organic merino wool and silk shirt - red/natural stripe - Lila New York LLC

All day comfort!

wool + silk works wonders all year round – performing a temperature tango, offering snug warmth on cool days and refreshing breathability when the sun shines bright.
The advantages of wool + silk
  • organic merino wool and silk pants - purple - Lila New York LLC

    perfect for layering 👕

    "A great basic! Love how long hey fit, perfect for layering and even repeal water." - Laura N.
  • organic merino wool and silk leggings - purple - Lila New York LLC

    free of toxins 🍃

    "I love that all the pieces are organic and free of any toxins. " - Emily L.
  • organic merino wool and silk long-sleeved onesie - natural - Lila New York LLC

    luxorious fabric 🧶

    "I think it's great that I don't have to constantly change my kid's clothes. The fabric feels so special and luxurious." - Mia S.
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the magic of organic wool + silk! ✨🐑

four seasons friendly

Warm in winter, cool in summer! Wool works overtime, transporting away sweat and releasing moisture, ensuring year-round comfort. Bonus: natural UV protection included!

keep it dry

Babies love dryness, and wool delivers. Absorbing up to a third of its weight in water, wool never feels damp.

less laundry, more play

Dirt? Wool says "Not today!" With its self-cleaning properties, wool requires fewer washes. A quick spot clean often does the trick.

gentle and safe

Rest easy knowing our wool is organic, devoid of harmful chemicals, molds, and dyes. Hypoallergenic and gentle, it's a skin's best friend.

stay fresh

Odors? They're a thing of the past! Wool's moisture-absorbing powers keep bacteria at bay. And should a rogue scent arise? Just air it out for a freshness reset.

our story

Hi, we’re Isabell and Leith, two friends who met in New York as mamas-to-be.
We quickly discovered that the luxuriously soft organic Merino wool + silk pieces brought to us from Europe were what our children felt most comfortable in - day and night. They were not only so soft, but they stayed cleaner for longer, we didn’t have to spend as much time doing washing, and they could be worn year-round because the fabric keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. It felt like magic!!
So, we hatched a plan to bring the world’s softest Merino wool + silk wear stateside! MINI LILA was born.
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