in short.

wool repels dirt and is self-cleaning! 

wool can be worn several times WITHOUT WASHING- ideally, wash wool as little as possible!

spot cleaning is best!

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wool + silk care instructions.

prior to washing

Close all buttons, zippers, and clasps and turn the item inside out prior to washing. This ensures that the wool fibers are protected from stress. 

To prevent discoloration, please also separate dark colors from light.

Use an environmentally friendly liquid wool detergent!

machine wash

Use a WOOL SETTING. This is key to ensuring that your machine actually washes and rinses at the same stated temperature. 


Use a gentle cold wash or hand wash function at your own risk

Please also make sure to only fill half of the drum to decrease the amount of stress for the garments.


While maintaining the same constant water temperature (approx. 65°F recommended):

  1. Add mild liquid detergent to the water according to instructions. A little goes a long way!
  2. Quickly and gently submerge the item in the water / detergent mixture.
  3. Rinse each item thoroughly without allowing it to soak for an extended period of time.

Avoid stress to wool due to twisting, rubbing or wringing. 

after washing

Carefully shape the item or items when wet - gently pull lengthwise to prevent shrinkage - and lay them flat to dry on a towel.

important notes.

• Use the same temperature water for washing and rinsing. Only use cool water.

Using warm water or changing water temperatures can cause shrinkage.  

• Do not leave wool to soak.

• Use environmentally safe liquid wool detergent. Do not bleach.

Do not use powdered detergent - most laundry powders contain whiteners that act like bleach.

• Avoid stress due to twisting / rubbing / wringing of wool as this can cause matting.

• Avoid hanging wool to dry. Do not dry in direct sunlight.