7 Magic Touches of Wool + Silk: Unravel the Benefits

Wool's Natural Magic

  • Dirt-repellent & self-cleaning! 🌪️
  • Wear multiple times before washing! 🔄
  • Spot clean for longevity! 🎯

Superior Comfort & Feel

  • Luxuriously soft and light against the skin.
  • Wool + Silk's unique blend ensures top-tier comfort and a difference you can truly feel.

Sensitive & Safe

  • Hypoallergenic: especially great for sensitive skin, reducing infant eczema symptoms.
  • Organic and free from harmful chemicals and dyes.

Eco-Friendly & Durable

  • Biodegradable: naturally decomposes within a couple of months.
  • Naturally flame-resistant, outperforming most common textiles.

Ethical Manufacturing

Our commitment begins with the wool itself. We ensure it's organic and mulesing-free, treating every animal with care and dignity. Regular assessments by esteemed environmental labs guarantee the quality of our fibers.

Our manufacturing process is rigorous: we exclusively use GOTS-certified yarns and adhere to nature-friendly processes. Produced in Germany, each garment stands as a testament to the pinnacle of ethical and environmental standards.

Merino Wool

Originating from the Atlas Mountains' plateaus in North Africa, Merino sheep carry a legacy that intertwines with history. Named after the Berber tribe, Ber-Merines, these sheep journeyed to Spain in the 12th century, shaping the beginnings of an illustrious wool tradition.

Valued for their silky-fine wool, Merinos were no ordinary sheep. Their wool was so esteemed that ownership was a royal privilege.

Today, we are honored to continue this rich tradition, offering you the finest Merino wool + silk products that resonate with history and supreme quality.

All-Weather Wonder

  • A true all-rounder: keeps warm in winters, cool in summers.
  • Transports sweat and offers UV-protection.