Contrary to synthetic fibers, wool is an active material.  It responds to body temperature changes in real time, channeling away excess heat immediately to ensure that your child's optimal level of comfort is maintained at all times.


Wool does more than keep your child warm!  Even on hot summer days, wool reliably transports sweat and heat away from the skin.  It releases moisture into the surrounding air keeping your child cool and dry year-round.  Additionally, wool provides natural UV-protection!


Sensitive baby skin prefers dry conditions.  Wool can absorb up to 1/3 of its own weight in water, without feeling moist.


Wool repels dirt and is self-cleaning.  It can be worn many times without washing.  Ideally wash it as little as possible!  Spot cleaning is best.  


Our wool is organic and free of the dangerous chemicals, dust and mold that could cause allergic reactions.  All dyestuffs used are without heavy metals or harmful AZO-dyes.


Wool's ability to absorb moisture minimizes contact with bacteria on your child's skin.  Odors don't have a chance to develop, and - if they do - letting clothes air out will usually do the trick!